Welcome to the Indigenous Cultural Education Center. Our mission is to leave this world a better place, so that generations to come will be affected by our work.

We are making people aware of the importance of their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Also of their connection with nature and the supernatural world, which is not so “super natural” once you find out and understand that we are all divine. It is because of the fact we are human beings. Our nature is to feel and be love.

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Community News

  • Volunteer Survey

    Dear Family, Please help us as we make an effort to be better organized with work on the land. There is a lot to do...

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  • Volunteer Day June 4th and 5th

    Dear Community – Join us for a volunteer day Saturday June 4th and Sunday june 5th 2016 525 Exeter Road Lebanon, CT 06249 We will...

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  • United Nations Representation

    Beautiful news for Indigenous Cultural Education Center!!!!!! Laurence Singer is now the ICEC United Nations Representative. Laurence has represented NGOs at the United Nations for...

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