Vision Statement

The Indigenous Cultural Education Center is a 501c3 not for profit organization founded by P. Linda Ierna Reed in 2008 to help preserve and facilitate indigenous wisdom and cultural practices.

Our Roots

Although many of us, individually and collectively, have lost touch with our origins over the centuries, we are all indigenous to somewhere. Whether our ancestors lived in the highlands of Scotland, the steppes of Russia and Asia, the plains of Africa, the grasslands and forests of the Americas, or the ice flows of the Arctic, all of us have tribal roots. ICEC focuses on inclusion, not assimilation or exclusion. This principal is the foundation of our purpose and resolve.

Our Purpose

Native wisdom preserved within traditional cultures has much to offer in this time of change. For millennia this understanding has served to maintain a profound connection between human beings, the planet we live on, and the divine. Its basic tenet, that we are caretakers of the Earth and by extension caretakers for each other, creates a more harmonious perspective through which to experience the world.

ICEC works to preserve traditional indigenous wisdom and highlight the contributions of indigenous peoples to this planet. We support those seeking to rediscover their indigenous roots and develop a personal spiritual practice. We provide the space and opportunity to experience this shift through the healing practices of indigenous peoples.

Our Offerings

ICEC offers interactive experiential workshops, seminars, and prayer ceremonies. Shamans, healers, and spiritual guides from North and South America’s indigenous traditions present drum circles, sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies, and other wisdom practices reflecting our connectedness with Mother Earth.

There are walking paths, a community garden, and a fifty-four-foot medicine wheel representing movement and change. The medicine wheel depicts balance, harmony, spirituality and healing in the natural form of life’s circle, mapping the sacred landscape of the earth and the four directions.

In honoring the relationship between humanity and the planet Earth, ICEC’s programs heighten our individual awareness so that each of us can better serve the community as a whole. These ways, passed down over thousands of years, teach us that our relationship to one another and to the earth involves responsibility, care, and compassion.

If you’re planning on communing with us at the ICEC please see our “Plan your visit” section for more information.