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Sananga Medicine Comes to ICEC

Dear Family,

Greetings! We would like to take a moment to share some thoughts with you about this beautiful and powerful medicine which we are now carrying at ICEC.

Please be aware that this is a sacred medicine and should be treated with the greatest respect and prayer. This medicine is a living spirit who should be approached with gratitude and a humble heart, without arrogance or entitlement.

Sananga is a traditional medicine of the Huni Kuin (Kaxinawa) indigenous people. It is an important part of their daily life and relationship with the jungle, along with other medicines such as hapé or rapé. Sananga is prepared from the roots and bark of a shrub that goes by many different names. The Huni Kuin people, in their language, call this plant Mata Heins — its modern classification is Tabernaemontana undulata. It is most often administered directly to the eyes, although sometimes taken orally as well. While many know it for its prominent use as a hunting tool (it sharpens the senses of the eye), it in fact has many traditional uses.

Sananga is traditionally utilized in the treatment of almost any illness or condition of the eye, including physical wounds, glaucoma, cataracts and even blindness. It is also known to strengthen the eyes and reverse impaired vision over time. It helps to cleanse the eyes with its anti-microbial properties and by stimulating tear production to wash out the eye. Sananga has been known to be used for a wide variety of other diseases and conditions conditions including panema (“bad energy” or spiritual sickness), dental pain, snake bites, skin disease, rheumatism, and much more.

The spiritual benefits of Sananga are not separate, but go hand-in-hand with its physical nature. It is a very powerful and pure spirit which stimulates us on all levels to cleanse, release and purge the many forms of congestion and illness — from our body, mind, and spirit.

As with all medicines, prayer and intention plays the most powerful role.

When properly received with a humble, pure intention, Sananga will work to loosen or dissolve the blockages of the mind and spirit. It also will act to balance the energies and bring them into sharp alignment and focus. This is very deep medicine if we can surrender to it. Over time, Sananga works with our capacity for vision in all aspects; the vision to look within ourselves, the vision to see the true intentions of others, the clarity to see truth beyond judgement, the ability to see in the divine aspects.

Above all, Sananga is a medicine of purity, clarity and balance. It assists us in arriving at that pure and clear state of mind, if only we are willing to match that with our spiritual dedication.

• • • Gratitude • • •

We would like to give our thanks, with all our hearts, to the Huni Kuin people for preserving their traditions and medicines in the face of adversity and cultural genocide. We thank them also for sharing their sacred medicines with us. We offer our prayers that they may continue to have the strength and support that they need to stand tall and keep their ways alive.

We give thanks to Creator for allowing the space for this medicine to flourish, and to the spirit of Sananga itself for teaching, showing and helping us to live free.

We give our thanks also to all those who played a part in bringing this medicine to turtle island and to ICEC, so that it may reach those who are seeking its healing. Thank you Creator for allowing this healing.

• • • Application • • •

We provide the medicine in a dropper bottle as pictured above. The recommended method of application is to swiftly apply the medicine to both eyes at once in order to facilitate a complete balancing of the energies. Then the eyes are kept closed as long as necessary for the work to complete. It is most helpful to have the medicine applied by someone who is experienced with it, as this leaves you without any distractions and free to focus on your prayer with the medicine.

Please be aware that the application of Sananga to the eyes can be an uncomfortable and painful process. If you are new to this medicine, we do not recommend applying it without the guidance of someone more experienced, at least initially.

• • • Details & Placing an Order • • •

Each dropper bottle contains 5ml of Sananga medicine, which equates to about 100 – 120 drops depending on the style of application.

The cost is $60 per bottle + $4 shipping fee. We can ship anywhere within the continental U.S. If you would like to pick up the medicine in person instead of having it shipped, that can be arranged.

To place an order, please reach out by e-mail to

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