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[heading size=”h2″ extra=”post-title”]Here is how you can donate to support our sacred mission[/heading]
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[paragraph extra=””][label type=”label-danger”]THANK YOU[/label] – Donations to the ICEC go to help continue the important work that we do. We’ve set up a safe space on sacred land that allows each person the ability to walk their own path of healing. Your donations make it possible for us to do the good work that must be done to support this healing. We’d like to thank you gracefully from our hearts for your contribution towards this mission. Each donation affords us the opportunity to help others heal and that’s an incredible blessing. No donation is too small or too big. Every single dollar helps in supporting this work. Many blessings on you for your generous support. Aho![/paragraph]

ICEC Future Expansion Plans

Coming soon – Details about the expansion plan!

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