From a Seed to Reality

Good Day All My Relations,

Thank you for sharing in this conversation with me. Let’s continue building this story together. Remember what I asked that we all do last time? So here we are in the middle of a pandemic…

I’m sure we all have had certain experiences in life when we are trying to learn something new, trying to get in shape, exercising, building a meditation practice or changing our diet. Whatever gives us a challenge.

To get to the end goal, we often struggle. We suffer, we have resistance and also simultaneously the real longing for change. Dissonance. The time where our future-self and present-self create discomfort. Old default patterns want to continue running, while new ideas and new goals need our awareness and attention to establish a new behavior, a new life.

In the same way, we find ourselves in a co-collective world experience. And our process is the way of ceremony. We go in with a prayer, requesting that the Creator, the Force, the Source, God, Ra (whatever you call your higher power), bring us to the answer and so the process begins.

We go to our mind and imagination to see the problem take form and feel it in our heart. We pray for the result we want. Then we may go through the “suffering” to clean the energy to get to that goal, that healing.

Awareness and attention are the actions that can be cultivated by WANTING that special relationship with yourself. That intimate relationship to find out the secrets of your soul. Secret thoughts & secret feelings; these secrets may be those things that only you will be willing to tell yourself. This is the time that we create a safe relationship between the self, the higher self and the shadow side of the self. Learn to love that side of you also, so that you can have awareness instead of the shadow side having control of you.

When we are free in the flow of awareness, we become in control of our emotions and the outcomes of how a situation can develop and evolve.

Now before we go further, I want to remind you that we were not encouraged as a society to practice and develop our intuition. Instead, we were encouraged to learn our ABC’s and our 123’s. We were not nurtured to develop our soul’s natural psychic and manifestation abilities that are a part of our being. Abilities that we have had over eons of time.

Through our formal education, we grew a big brain and our ability to expand into consciousness became atrophied. So, we wake up to a world of fear and confusion, and most of all we now feel alone unless we remain consumed and preoccupied with survival.

In our personal story, we can Re-member our natural state simply by practicing an awareness of our own expansion of consciousness, that in time will become our friend. It is an interconnectedness that we are hard-wired to. We, by our very nature, gravitate to the desire to connect with Spirit.

The Haudenosonee people have a word that describes the love that just simply exists on Mother Earth. It is called Gonalunkwa. When we connect to our consciousness, we then can feel the aliveness and love of everything that is in the natural world.

So let’s just consider that we need nothing but ourselves, to connect with our own higher consciousness and directly to the higher power which exists throughout this world and beyond.

Something to think about for next time;

This is a time when millions of people are waking up around the world. Waking up and recognizing the dissonance that has been dominant in the world. We, as individuals, through our prayer, help those millions to connect. Through this collective consciousness, all humanity can begin to Re-member who we are and our connection to Gonalunkwa, the fabric of life.

With all my love,

Linda Ierna Reed

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