Health and Herbal Allies

Dearest Humanity,

With much respect and support, I write this message to you. First, let me just say; this information is not a replacement for medical attention, nor is it intended to treat or cure anything. I am not a doctor, just a friend and student of the Most High and their beautiful medicines. Right now, we are at a time when we can either freak out or gain an understanding and stay firm in our truth and in love, which fosters many attributes.

First of all, I hope you’re having a happy day, and if you’re not: you could still have one!! Perception creates death or life. We can choose to see situations for what they are and we can choose to dilate these pupils to see great, good situations.

I want to talk to you about some herbs. For the last 7 plus years, I’ve been working with and learning from them. During this time, I would recommend the following plants for preventative immune support: astragalus root, olive leaf, echinacea (leaf / root), goldenseal root and elderberry (berry of the Elder plant). [Note:¬†Elderberry has been observed to worsen symptoms in those who have already caught the virus, so it is not recommended for front-line workers or those who think they might have contracted the ¬†virus. If this applies to you, it’s best to stick with the other options. If you are in isolation, elderberry can still be a great preventative immune booster.]

Burdock root alkalizes the body and helps to move uric acid out. Ginger root is good for the lymphatic system and helps congestion. We also recommend avoiding wheat and sugary foods as they can contribute to inflammation in the body.

This virus, if you get it, creates a lot of mucus in the lungs. As a preventative measure, it’s best to keep things flowing. Cayenne pepper (90 heat units or higher), which is best taken in tincture form, is great to disinfect and cleanse, as well as getting the blood moving and breaking up congestion. Thyme leaf, which is a spice that we probably all have in our cabinets, can be made into a tea. It helps to open and clean the airways, and kills bacteria and viruses. And there are many other herbal friends.

Since the beginning of time, Creator created these herbs to help humanity. There is no lack in the Divine, only our belief in lack, which disturbs everything around us. I believe the herbs are prayers in form. They never loose their intention and are always willing to help. Black seed oil is amazing; it really helps to rid the body of mucus, helps with inflammation and to support the immune system. There are so many herbs to mention and these are just a few.

I work at “Lim’s Health Food Store” in Bloomfield, CT where we sell over 250 medicinal herbs as well as supplements and vegetarian food. We also carry Wellness formula by Source Naturals, which has pretty much every known supplement for your immune system within it. This is not an advertisement for the store, I am just giving you an option of somewhere that you can go to get these medicines and also get more support and information.

If you’re closer to New Haven, “Edge of the Woods” is a great place to go as well! They have food, herbs and supplements too. This is the time to start up your practice of working with the herbs. We really shouldn’t need to wait for a pandemic to do what we all used to do before we were talked out of our truth. Herbs are our friends and want to help us!!

I want to also mention a few words about our mental attitude as well as how that affects our immune system.

When we consume ourselves with the news, or read and watch “fear” in what ever form it takes, this goes against our natural form, which is love. That is why fear makes us sick on so many levels. It poisons us and creates havoc in our lives, our immune system and each other. Every single time you watch something that is fear-inducing, you’re allowing yourself to become a victim by allowing it to enslave you. I’m not saying to be naive. I’m saying to be aware. Enjoy your life. You got only one. Watch things that feed this consciousness, that inspire you to remember your truth. We create the lives we want to live and our life is our prayer in form. What does your prayer look like? Love, or fear? Raise your immune system by feeding it good stuff mentally and emotionally. Listen to good music and listen to the people who love you. We are feeding the vibes.

This virus is making the environment better. That’s not to say that it is not also causing suffering. But families are spending more time together, children are playing. For too long, people have been saying in their mind or out loud “I need a break, I need to spend time with my family, I can’t stand my job.” And just like that, so many people are being released into the unknown of their life and their heart. Find the power to forgive and to love each other and have faith and trust. It is only through our connection to each other we can change the world. Before all this virus stuff, there were huge marches to stop climate change. Well, looks like the prayer is being answered. Our prayers don’t always come in the form we think… but they come. Respect and have faith, for our faith is hope, and hope is the light in the darkness.

Wishing everyone joy, peace, health, growth and liberation in this time,

Anna McEwen

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