Sacred land - Sacred intentions

>> Thank you for visiting our site and for your intentions to commune with us on this sacred land. We are based in Lebanon, CT on 13 acres of pristine farmland. For over ten years, the ICEC’s mission has been to provide awareness and educational opportunities as well as to host the cultural and spiritual practices of Indigenous People of the Americas and around the world on this Sacred Ceremony Ground. We invite you to walk this path of integrity with us by following your own path of growth and healing. We've provided a space for anyone who is looking to continue this honorable journey.

In this space and on this sacred land we hold pure intentions for the healing of all beings here on the Earth. All are welcome here. We ask only that you come in a good way with pure intentions and love to share. This sacred fire is a symbol of our inner yearning for something beautiful to manifest amongst all living beings. Expect deep communion with Grandfather fire when you commune with us in this good way. 

We are based in Lebanon, CT on 13 acres of pristine farmland. Our land has a variety of spaces in which you can commune. Hammocks, a long house, sweat lodges, and a medicine wheel fire pit are a few of the sacred spaces that you will encounter upon this land. We invite you to interact and pray with us in this sacred space.

Our accommodations include a large open indoor space with heated floors where you may stay for the night. We have a communal kitchen for making food, a bathroom and a shower, both indoor and outdoor. We allow outdoor camping in small tents on the land. We encourage you to stay here with a communal heart and respect for both the land and your fellow seekers.

Our community is strong and growing. It is made up of people from all walks of life, all different ages, and cultural backgrounds. The people that make up this community are rich with creative spirit, have the will of warriors, and the hearts of truly humble servants of life. We welcome you to join us and commune with us in a good way. All are welcome here. Aho!.