Medium Bracelet


SIZE: 6″H (beaded pattern top to bottom, not including the string) – 1.5″W
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The beadwork and jewelry are all for protection, used in ceremony as shamanic gear. The colors represent the elements. Greens/browns represent the Earth. Blues represent the water. Reds/oranges/yellows represent Fire. The diamond shape that is common in the bracelets represent the four elements. There are many animal totems represented in the bracelets that symbolize the different medicines of our animal guides.

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This beadwork and collection of sacred items come from the Inga Tribe of Putumayo, in the South of Colombia. The Inga is a powerful indigenous tribe that communes with the Plant Medicine Teachers as a part of their prayer and devotion to Spirit. In this lineage, the beadwork is crucial in capturing the essence of the guidance that comes through their medicine journeys. They describe their beadwork as “weaving the dreaming”; each bracelet or necklace is woven in a state of silent prayer, and specific intentions or visions are infused into the craft. Thus each item that we carry is made in prayer, in devotion, and in deep awareness and communion with Spirit. Thank you for supporting this sacred artwork and our dear brothers and sisters who create this beautiful craft from their hearts.


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