Andy Sick

Andy Sick lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is an attorney with his own law firm that advises nonprofits, religious organizations, start-ups, and small businesses. He also litigates cases involving consumer protection, personal injury and commercial disputes. Additionally, Andy is the general counsel to and an owner of Isla Majagual – an Island off of the coast of Panama that is to host a self-sustaining eco-village that supports healing, creative endeavors and adventure.

In 2003, Andy began to feel the call to serve, help and give back in a good way. Following this call, he went to law school during which he held internships on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee staff of Joe Biden and at the Justice Department. Currently, in New York City, he is involved with social justice movements, legislative initiatives, community organizing as well as volunteer works. He is driven and guided by the desire to transform both himself and the world for the better.