John Reed

John H. Reed, co-founder of ICEC, is a licensed therapist, consultant, and educator with more than thirty-five years’ experience in the mental health and addictions field. He is a professor emeritus and a former program director, retired from the Connecticut Community College System.

From the age of eight, John traveled with his family to the Rocky Mountain West, meeting Blackfoot and Flathead people in Montana and the Shoshone/Bannock in Idaho. Through these relationships, he began to understand the histories and the world viewpoints of the First Nations people.

Since that time John has immersed himself in North and South American indigenous cultures and spiritual practices, training in the Condor/Eagle tradition. John and Linda traveled to Columbia for vision quests and to learn the medicine ways and ceremonies, the way of the Red Road. John leads pipe ceremonies and sweat lodges, is an experienced fire keeper, and assists South American healers in ceremony.

John maintains a small private practice which provides integrated psychotherapy, combining talk therapy with energy work (Reiki), meditation, and exploration of our spiritual nature. His areas of specialization include post-traumatic stress, mood disorders, and addiction. A large part of his client base is comprised of those seeking to heal these conditions without the use of pharmaceutical medications.