P. Linda Ierna

P. Linda Ierna Reed is the founder of the Indigenous Cultural Education Center. She is a Kripalu certified Yoga teacher, and has a degree in Addictions Counseling as well as an art degree from Connecticut College.

Linda has been studying healing techniques with elders of the Onondaga Nation and Mohawk Nation, part of the Six Nations of New York and Canada since 2005. She has been hosting prayer ceremonies for the past twelve years and working alongside, learning the craft of healing with sacred tools and sacred herbs. She has been taught by Shamans from the Condor Eagle Traditons, Kofan elders/medicine men, Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatin, Shapibo and by the Umbanda Dime’ and Santo Dime traditions. She continues to study with these elders to continue expanding her knowledge and expertise to continue her work at the ICEC. She also continues to bring in traditional peoples to teach our communities our connection to Mother Earth, Spirit, and ourselves.