Peter Bragino

Peter Bragino grew up in Long Island NY. He’s a dedicated artist, a musician, a designer, and a treasure hunter. His deep internal and spiritual journey elevated around 2000 just shortly before moving back to NY from a ten year stay in California which included 5 years service in the US Marines. His search for self awareness and artistic knowledge has been continual since then leading him through incredible adventures in both the internal and external creative realms.

More recently his prayer has significantly deepened. He’s been compelled to spend increasing time outside of his studio. His newly forged relationship with the Earth has breathed new life into his art. That deep connection with Mother Nature came as a welcome addition in his life after over a decade of searching for meaning in his work. He now begins each day with a walk in the park close to his studio, and when he’s outdoors, he experiences a heightened level of peace, curiosity, inspiration, and adventure that channels into his art. His connection is a direct result of the deep spiritual work he’s doing through his communion with the master of all teachers and the medicine path that he now walks upon.