Sheldon A. Gibson

Born in Syracuse New York to a traditional Haudenaushaunee family and raised on the Traditional home territory of the Onondaga Nation. Attended Traditional ceremonies and events occurring there during the years has given him a connection to the traditional way of the Haudenaushaunee as well as the spiritual way.

After completing high school, went on to the State University College at Oswego, studying in the area of Sociology helped him to understand the ways of the dominant society.

Leaving college short of the requirements for a degree, he continued on his way in the field of Construction. Leading a life as a Construction Inspector for twenty years in both state and federal construction projects across the country, gave him an understanding of how the system works. As well as to how to work within the system.

Returning to school with this wealth of knowledge helped him to attain a Degree in Three Dimensional Art at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe New Mexico. This change also precipitated his return to his Native teachings and cultural awareness. Renewing his traditional belief in the world and his participation in the natural world as well.

It was during a chance meeting with the spiritual Leader of the Haudenaushaunee that his path changed. Asked by the Tadadaho to continue helping to heal the people, this has been the focus of his path. This path being one of a spiritual as well as a traditional path continues to this day. He travels alongside other traditional medicine people when the opportunity permits.