The Great Law of Peace

A historic video lecture series by Mohawk teacher and Faithkeeper Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer

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What’s in this historic lecture series?

Over 3 hours of video lecture

Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer introduces us to the Great Law of Peace, it’s origins, it’s meaning, and it’s prophecy. This historic lecture is engaging, informative, fun, and will lift your spirit.

Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer

Kevin Ka’nahsohon Deer resides in the Kahnawake Mohawk territory, situated on the south shore of Montreal. In the older traditional teaching of the Longhouse, Kevin is a Faithkeeper and helps to perform the ceremonies, songs, speeches and dances of the Mohawk people.

Prophetic Dreams and Prophecies

Experience the Mohawk creation story, an ongoing communication channel to Ka’nahsohon’s Grandfather, encounters with a Great Chief who took the form of a giant snapping turtle and much more…

  • “As a baby I was born in Connecticut and this will be my first time returning to my birth state since I left the hospital as a new born in 1957. This will be a historic lecture, as I’m fulfilling something of very deep spiritual significance for many nations. Be a part of the new birthing process for a better tomorrow!” 
    Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer
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