Thoughts for Reflection

Good Day All My Relations,

This is your friend and sister, Linda Ierna Reed. I want to reach out and ask, how everyone is doing?

Also, I want to create a story with you. A way to look at this time we are in now, which needs a beautiful story. By that, I mean we need some tools and support in creating or holding our focus on a good life.

We are here amongst the chaos; some are experiencing it on the front lines and there are those who are experiencing this tragedy through online media somehow.

But as we go through this pandemic, or clearing, or re-assessment to what is important in our life; how do we want to see the world? Experience the world? We are all in this. Now we have a chance to co-create our future.

The butterfly effect: when the smallest of actions creates a ripple effect. One motion affects another ocean.

So if our actions work in the same way, then isn’t it so, that it’s very important to be aware of our actions? We are adding our energy into the sea of life, into all our lives, into this planet and back around to the smallest of creatures.

It’s hard to hear that we have so much power as to affect another living creature and it’s an even greater challenge to want to be awake and aware to the smallest of motions.

Yoga, qi gong, tai chi, martial arts, meditation, prayers and mantras have all been the practice of being aware of small movements. Small adjustments that the practitioner begins to feel the benefits and results of the little things.

Do you know that your life is your subconscious reflecting the manifestation of the beliefs in your mind? So if you want change, you must lay down new beliefs in the conscious mind. When in prayer, release old belief and embrace new belief.

The trick to change is to hold the focus of the story that we want to manifest. Peace, love, health and equality…these are kept in the forefront of our awareness. Through our practice, we become more aware of those thoughts that lie in the shadows of our minds.

Fear is not our story. We can acknowledge that it is present and thank it, for that medicine is showing each of us what is truly important. We can thank it and replace it with love to all on our beautiful planet. 

With all my love,

Linda Reed

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  1. Greetings Linda, Great Gratitude for the soul work that you offer. I feel that I will recognize your spirit when we meet in the flesh, and I feel I am coming home to my tribe, my family, that I long to be with in ceremony….the gift of the truest form of expression to all of humanity, and co – existing life on this planet. Your words of true wisdom and love, deeply express what my heart resonates with, and has already known before I received them…Its a magical time in our existence, and having your light work shinning my way home is a gift yet unknown to my soul…yet unopened, but familiar. My husband John, and I both are well thru this time of transformation, and the “great pause” for our dear “Earth Mama”…She who holds our hearts. You are tucked in our hearts thru these times. If there is a regular time, set aside, for our spirits to come together, please let us know…as we sit together regularly. Blessed Be, Jan Louise

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